Wednesday, September 16, 2015

My week in Croatia : the pictures

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As promised, here are some pictures of the week I spent in Croatia.

Johanna (from Jlink) and I didn't really know what to expect when we were invited by Ultimate Ears and The Yacht Week to experience seven days on a boat with people we had never met.

Well, what was scary at first turned out to be a truly amazing experience, with memories I'll cherish my entire life.

The concept of the Yacht Week ? Fifty boats, hundreds of people, coming from all over the world (mainly the US, Canada, Australia), ready to party and visit a new country, in this case Croatia (but you can experience the Yacht Week in Greece, the Caribbean, Italy...).

I've made friends for life, as the boys and girls of our boat (the UE boat !) were just so nice and cool, and I have been able to visit a truly special country. Hvar, Vis, Fort George... To my shame, I didn't really know this place, both historically or geographically, which was too bad as it really is spectacular.

Let's hope you like the pictures as much as I loved the trip :)

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Chose promise, chose due, voici donc quelques photos de ma semaine en Croatie.

Johanna (de l'agence Jlink) et moi ne savions pas trop à quoi nous attendre quand on a été invitées par Ultimate Ears et The Yacht Week pour passer sept jours sur un bateau avec des gens que nous ne connaissions pas.

Et bien, ce qui était effrayant au départ s'est avéré être une expérience incroyable, avec des souvenirs que je garderai toute ma vie.

Le concept de la Yacht Week ? Cinquante bateaux, des centaines de personnes qui viennent du monde entier (principalement des US, du Canada, de l'Australie), prêts à faire la fête et à visiter un nouveau pays, dans notre cas, la Croatie (mais il y en a aussi en Grèce, en Italie, dans les Caraïbes...).

J'ai noué de très belles amitiés, tant les garçons et filles de notre bateau (the UE boat !) étaient adorables et cools, et j'ai pu visiter ce pays génial qu'est la Croatie. Hvar, Vis, Fort George... A ma grande honte, je ne le connaissais pas, ni historiquement, ni géographiquement, ce qui était dommage tant l'endroit est splendide.

En tout cas, j'espère que les photos vous plairont autant que j'ai apprécié le voyage :)

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  1. Une sacré expérience, ça avait tout simplement l'air génial!

  2. Très jolie photos:)

  3. Beautiful pictures! Looks like you had an amazing time!

  4. I went to Croatia about two years ago and would love to go back. It's the most beautiful country I've ever visited x

    Wonky Lauren

  5. You look splendid, don't let anyone tell you otherwise . And Croatia seems absolutely charming and fun! <3


  6. You look like you had a blast in these pictures!! I like that you took the time to enjoy yourself, and not worry too much about posting on your blog while you were there :)

  7. That looks like a lot of fun!! I've been to Split and Hvar this summer also and I can confirm the place is just amazing <3
    Love Lucy
    Lucy Van Dean | Instagram

  8. Les photos sont magnifiques! Je veux bien aller en Croatie!

  9. What amazing photography! Your pictures look amazing. I can only imagine what it was actually like being there in the flesh! Looks like an unforgettable time!
    x Tanaka

  10. Wow that sounds so amazing, I love all of your photos they are beautiful ! Looks like so much fun <3 I love your bathing suit by the way !


  11. Les photos sont magnifiques :D , elles me donnent envie de retourner en vacances :( !!!

  12. Waouu tes photos sont vraiment très très belles ! Vous avez du vous amuser beaucoup beaucoup !!
    xx, Enola

  13. la lumière sur la première photo est oufissime!