Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Video : Pardon My Obsession x River Island x Shopstyle

Here it is guys, my very first video. I shot it last Friday, in collaboration with River Island and Shopstyle. 

To be honest, I didn't feel very comfortable in front of the camera, as, contrary to what my pictures might suggest, I am quite shy.

But I had such a good team with me (Timm Gillner, the videographer, was the best ever) that it turned out to be an amazing day, shooting, taking pictures, going to lunch, laughing... and I almost forgot a camera was following me.

 For the first look, I chose maroon oversized trousers, paired with a cream chunky sweater, a leopard bag, and strappy python sandals, for a very 'fall-ready' look. As for the second outfit, I figured it was fashion week after all, so I might as well go a little crazy, hence the pink fur, ripped grey jeans and fringed bag. You can shop the clothes and accessories directly from the video by the way !

I'm curious, what do you think of it ? And would you like more content like this in the future ?

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Voici ma toute première vidéo... On l'a filmée vendredi dernier, en collaboration avec Shopstyle et River Island.

Pour être honnête, je n'étais pas hyper à l'aise devant la caméra, parce que contrairement à ce que mes photos peuvent suggérer, je suis assez timide.

Mais j'ai vraiment passé un moment génial avec l'équipe (et le vidéographe Timm !), la météo était avec nous, et on a shooté, pris des photos, déjeuné au Costes, rigolé... que j'en ai presque oublié la caméra qui me suivait partout.

Pour le premier look, j'ai choisi un pantalon oversize marron, avec un pull crème, un sac léopard et des sandales python, pour une tenue très automnale. Pour le second, je me suis dit qu'après tout, c'était la Fashion Week, donc pourquoi ne pas choisir une tenue un peu folle, d'où la fourrure rose, le jean troué gris, et le sac frangé. Vous pouvez d'ailleurs shopper les vêtements et accessoires que je porte directement via la vidéo !

Je suis curieuse, que pensez-vous de la vidéo ? Et est-ce que ça vous intéresserait que j'en fasse plus dans le futur ? 

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  1. Sympa cette vidéo! Ca fait toujours plaisir de te voir!! ♥


  2. Great video! Love the River Island bag in particular.

  3. OMG this video is everything! You, Caroline & Lorna are the dream team, I love it! You should really create a YouTube channel!

  4. This video is so awesome! That cold shoulder sweater look is really great. So sweet!!

  5. love this!!
    back to sharing the love from the sandpit...

  6. Oh Caroline, your voice totally resembles Carey Mulligan's...which I love! Perfect video, you're going bigger and bigger and I'm glad you do :).

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  8. Love the video! Your hat looks great with your hair :)

  9. Luckily there are people like you to give her advice on how to walk with heels or speak english ! The day you'll achieve everything she's done in only one year, maybe you'll be legitimate to give her some advice, which by the way, are irrelevant. She doesn't try to hide her french accent, because she doesn't have a french accent. And I'd really like to see you walk in heels.

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  10. Caroline! I loved to hear your voice! Great video you should do more like that! I am addicted to the pink coat with grey jeans and heels!! You knew I would chose that one, don't you? ;) Keep it up, you're great!