Monday, November 30, 2015

The one million dollar question

Coat // Manteau : River Island (on sale ! // en soldes !)
Jeans // Jean : Oasis
Boots : Chanel (similar : luxury or budget // similaire : luxe ou budget)
Bag // Sac : Givenchy
Necklace // Collier : Samantha Wills
Bracelet : Isharya
Hat // Chapeau : Subdued

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First, I need to say I'm SORRY I haven't updated the blog earlier, but I've had some problems with my computer, which ended in me being up all night trying to fix the problem (when clearly I had no idea what to do...). Thank God, after ten hours of acting crazy, my Mac went back to normal... Hope you forgive me, and here's the article I was supposed to post last week :)

Do you have to be wealthy to dress well ?

That's the one million dollar question (pun intended). When someone asks me that, I usually answer that no, you don't have to be rich to be stylish. Yet, it does help to have some money. But I know many girls who can't spend more than 100 euros every month to get dressed and who look amazing, and the opposite as well...

The thing is, it doesn't matter that your clothes come from H&M or Gucci, the important thing is how you wear them. 

The best example is Olivia Palermo. She wears tons of Zara and Topshop, but always looks like she comes straight from the runway. How she does it ?

First, the grooming : try to have your nails done, preferably in red, black and burgundy. Your hair should be effortless, not too brushed nor too messy. Plus, it helps to have a subtle makeup.

Then, the accessorizing : she loves gold jewelry, and so do I. Of course, it can be tricky and look a little 'bling', but nothing screams 'expensive' as matching gold necklace, rings and bracelets, even when they are cheap.

Don't be afraid to add a hat, a scarf, a beautiful pair of heels of embellished flats, and you can also add a fancy watch and a pair of sunglasses.

Finally, don't try to look too 'done' either, because you will end up categorized as 'try hard' or 'nouveau riche'. 

My coat is from River Island, but paired with a pair of Chanel boots, Samantha and Isharya jewels, and a hat by Subdued it looks pretty expensive, don't you think ?

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D'abord, je voudrais m'excuser de ne pas avoir mis d'article sur le blog, mais j'ai eu quelques soucis d'ordinateur, ce qui s'est conclu par une nuit blanche, moi essayant de fixer le problème, mon Mac agissant de façon délirante (bon, ça a peut-être aussi à voir avec le fait que je n'y connais rien). J'espère que vous me pardonnez, et voici le post que j'aurais dû mettre en ligne la semaine dernière :)

Est-ce qu'il faut être riche pour être bien habillé(e) ?

C'est la question à un million d'euros (jeu de mots facile, je sais). Quand on me demande cela, je réponds que non, même si ça aide, sans aucun doute. Mais je connais plein de filles qui ne dépensent pas plus de 100 euros par mois dans les fringues et qui sont sublimes, l'inverse étant vrai également.

Le truc, c'est qu'au fond, peu importe si vos fringues viennent de chez H&M ou Gucci, l'important c'est comment vous les portez.

Le meilleur exemple, c'est Olivia Palermo. Elle porte plein de Zara et H&M, et pourtant on dirait qu'elle descend à chaque fois du podium. Comment fait-elle ?

D'abord, elle prend soin d'elle : elle a ses ongles faits, en noir, rouge ou bordeaux. Ses cheveux sont effortless, ni trop brushés, ni en pagaille. Et puis ça aide d'être (subtilement) maquillée.

 Ensuite, les accessoires : elle adore les bijoux dorés, et moi aussi. Okay, on peut vite tomber dans le bling, mais rien ne fait plus chic qu'un collier, des bagues et un bracelet dorés assortis.

Enfin, n'ayez pas peur d'ajouter un chapeau, une écharpe, de beaux talons ou des chaussures plates élégantes, voire même des lunettes et une montre d'homme.

En revanche, n'essayez pas de faire trop apprêtée non plus, ou vous allez vite être tombée dans la case 'nouveau riche'.

Mon manteau vient de chez River Island, mais associé à des boots Chanel, à un chapeau Subdued et à des bijoux Isharya et Samantha Wills, il fait quand même de l'effet, non ?

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  1. Ugh Carloline I live for your blog posts! Your outfits are always on point! P.S. I just ordered this River Island cape as it was on sale because of you! ;)

  2. Looking gorgeous as always and your style is just amazing
    Kisses, Lucy
    Lucy Van Dean | Instagram

  3. You look stunning!! LOVE the coat!

  4. Ohh I love this gorgeous look dear !!! Fantastic style, you are amazing. Beautiful pictures <3

    have a wonderful week,

  5. I love this outfit! I'm a big fan of mixing high end items with H&M, Zara, etc. You can make anything look expensive if you wear it right!

  6. Amazing outfit, really on point my dear! Always fab! Have a nice day xxx

    BamBam Blog


  7. I love the hat and coat!


  8. Perfect outfit, it is beautiful ! Your boots are amazing, I also love your coat, so comfortable looking but stylish as well <3


  9. Ofcourse money doesn't indicate style, this isn't a million dollar question because there is no question at all. Anyone who enjoys clothes knows their value doesn't lie in the price tag. And yet you speak with such superiority here. It comes across as terribly condescending and bossy, which I doubt is what you intended. 'Nouveau Riche' feels so ironic to me, because here you are with yet another Givenchy bag yet with photographs that quite frankly, are terrible. A smart move would be to skip the next designer piece and perhaps cultivate some photography skills. And finally, the writing, darling, you should approach your words in the same way you do your nails - because groomed they are not. More of big overgrown mess, and sadly,a manicure can help with that. I hope you find a way to speak more candidly and without the condescension because as a reader, this was down right irritating to read.

    1. HAHAHAHAHA I pity you, being hurt by an article and taking the time to write such a nasty comment.

      Your life seems poor and empty... Go find an occupation !

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