Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Will you pardon my obsession ?

Credits : Ekaterina Geta

Jumper // Pull : E-Believe (here's a selection of my favorite white knits : here, here, here and here // voici ma sélection des pulls blancs que je préfère : ici, ici, ou encore )
Jeans // Jean : Levi's
Heels // Talons : Zara (similar : luxury or budget // similaire : luxe ou budget)
Bag // Sac : Jimmy Choo
Ring // Bague : Samantha Wills
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If you only recently started following me, you probably don’t know how and why I started my blog… To say it was unexpected is an euphemism. I was studying dentistry (I still am), and I was more than bored. I was passionate about fashion (again, I still am), and I used to spend hours everyday on various blogs and website, checking out every new article, and reading Vogue and L’Officiel from A to Z.

But I had never considered being a part of this world, though I had dreamt many times of it. But I was so shy I didn’t even want to post pictures of myself on Instagram (boy, did it change !), and I had a private account where I could see all of my favorite bloggers.

But one day, I didn’t sleep all night, wondering why I was wasting my time, and this is when I decided to start using Instagram. This is only seven months later that it occurred to me that I should probably start a blog, after years and years of hearing my friends telling me to do so. After long debates (with myself), I finally caved in, and my blog was born.

But the hardest part ? Finding a name. How do you pick up a name for something that you will say not one, not one hundred, but at least ten thousands times ? It was almost as if I had to name a baby… Okay, I’m a tad exaggerating, but still, I think it took me a month to figure it out.

One day, I woke up, and ‘Pardon My obsession’ was in my mind. It was perfect (for me) : it was a way to say that I didn't mind all the critics from people who consider fashion as a superficiality, and well, if fashion is not an obsession for me, I don't know what is.

I am the girl who sometimes can’t sleep at night because I think about my future outfits, I even missed trains because I was too busy buying the new magazines...

So when I have an outfit I want to wear, I don't care if the weather is not with me, I'll wear it no matter what. For instance, I definitely wanted to mix a cropped white jumper with a boyfriend pair of jeans, and lace-up heels. Yes, it was too cold to wear that, but no, I didn't care.

After all, I have to live up to my blog's name !


Si vous me suivez depuis peu de temps, vous ne savez probablement pas comment et pourquoi j'ai commencé mon blog... Dire que c'était inattendu est un euphémisme. J'étudiais la dentisterie (ce que je fais toujours), et je m'ennuyais royalement. J'étais passionnée de mode (ce que je suis toujours), et je pouvais passer des heures sur les blogs et magazines en ligne, checkant tous les nouveaux articles, et je lisais Vogue et L'Officiel de A à Z.

Mais je n'avais jamais envisagé faire partie de ce monde, même si j'en rêvais. J'étais trop timide pour poster des photos de moi sur Instagram (okay, ça, ça a beaucoup changé !), et j'avais un compté privé pour suivre mes blogueuses préférées.

Mais une nuit, je n'ai pas pu dormir, me demandant pourquoi je perdais mon temps, et c'est alors que j'ai décidé de me lancer sur Insta. Ce n'est que sept mois plus tard que l'idée d'avoir un blog m'est venue, même si mes amies me disaient depuis des années que je devais en faire un. Après de nombreux débats (avec moi-même), j'ai cédé, et mon blog était né.

Mais la partie la plus compliquée ? Lui trouver un nom. Comment nommer quelque chose que vous allez dire des dizaines de milliers de fois dans votre vie ? C'est un peu comme nommer un bébé... Bon ok, j'exagère, mais ça m'a quand même pris un mois pour le trouver !

Un jour je me suis réveillée, et je ne pouvais pas enlever 'Pardon My Obsession' de ma tête. Je ne sai pas d'où c'est venu, mais il était parfait (pour moi) : c'était un pied de nez à mes détracteurs, ceux qui ne voient la mode que comme une superficialité, et puis si la mode n'est pas mon obsession, je ne sais pas ce que c'est !

Je suis la fille qui ne peut pas dormir la nuit parce que je pense à mes tenues, et il m'est déjà arrivé de louper un train parce que je ne pouvais pas me passer de la lecture de mes magazines fétiches...

Donc quand je veux porter un look, je m'en fous de savoir si la météo est avec moi ou pas, je le porterai quoiqu'il advienne. Par exemple, j'avais pour idée de mixer un pull crop blanc avec un jean boyfriend et des talons lacés. Oui, il faisait trop froid pour cela, mais ça n'avait pas grande importance.

Après tout, je me dois d'être à la hauteur de mon nom de blog, non ?


  1. Haha I love this little back story! It took me months to think of 'duchess of fashion' and it wasn't even me, it was someone else who gave me the idea lol. #bloggerproblems

  2. Sometimes I feel like thinking of a name for your blog is one of the hardest things in starting a blog haha

    Agnes x

  3. Such a cute story! Really like your outfit too! Those jeans!!

  4. Hi Caroline! I just found your blog a few days ago and I just couldn't stop reading so I read every single post during weekend:D I'm a woman of your age living in Helsinki, Finland, a doctor and a fashion freak, so you can imagine I immediately got hooked on you blog! I've always been fascinated by parisian women and their style, and of course the city itself. And even though I'm also a huge fan of scandinavian aesthetics and style, it often lacks femininity and sexiness, which you parisians seem to master in a very subtle way. Thank you for the inspiration and all the best for you and your blog, I'm not going to miss a post from now on!:)


  5. Everything in has a purpose. Indeed, the invisible intelligence that flows through everything in a purposeful fashion is also flowing through you!

  6. Def "Pardone my obesssion" is right for you :D Who cares about weather?!!

    All the Fall/Winter skirts on
    lb-lc fashion and lifestyle blog

  7. Love, love, love your look!

  8. Amazing style! Lovely shoes!

  9. I love your cropped jumper is it beautiful and goes so well with your boyfriend jeans and those shoes are amazing of course ! I think your blog name is beautiful, I have always loved it !


  10. This was fun reading! It must be challenging balancing your studies and the blog all at once, Bravo! xx

  11. Such an awesome selection!

  12. These pictures were so perfect!

  13. Such beautiful pics!You look gorgeous!

  14. Love you so much!From top to bottom.

  15. Love the heels paired back to relaxed denim!