Thursday, February 4, 2016

The jeans story

Jeans // Jean : Levi's
Jacket // Veste : Fashion Pills (similar here, here, here and here // similaire ici, , ou encore )
Scarf // Echarpe : Gucci
Shirt // Chemise : Etam
Heels // Talons : House of Cb (here or here // ici ou )
Bag // Sac : Hermès

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Not so long ago, you didn't have too many 'jeans options' : it was skinny jeans, or nothing. A few years ago, Kate Moss was still the fashion Queen (although in my book, she still is), and she never left her home without hers.

After that, you couldn't go anywhere without seeing thousands of girls trying to emulate Kate, and buying countless super skinny pants.

But recently, things are starting to change, and it's now rare to spot women on the streets still wearing this kind of denim.

The must at the moment ? Frayed jeans. They're everywhere, from Marques' Almeida to MIH jeans, and they make streetstyle photographers happy. Another good pair ? The 'Mom' jeans, à la Vêtements or Re Done. These days, it's go big, or go home, as it is vividly encouraged to buy pants two sizes above your normal size.

 As for me, I have been going on fashion websites to decide the ones I liked the most, and here they are : this Vêtements model is THE best, although it is crazily expensive (and if you ask me, I won't buy it for this price...). I also love this Marques' Almeida one, or this Levi's one. But my favorite is this 3x1 pair of jeans, just perfect to be trendy, yet elegant and timeless.

For now, I still live in my trusty 501 Levi's boyfriend jeans, because they are just what the right amount of cool my look needs when I wear a pink jacket, a Gucci nude scarf, and pointy heels.

What are your favorite jeans ?

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Il n'y a pas si longtemps, il n'y avait pas tant d'options de jeans que cela : soit vous portiez un skinny, soit rien du tout. Kate Moss était la reine du style (elle l'est encore, selon moi), et elle ne sortait jamais de chez elle sans le sien.

Après cela, impossible de faire un pas dans la rue sans tomber sur des clones de la Moss en pantalon ultra serré.

Mais récemment, les choses changent, et il est de plus en plus rare de croiser des filles en skinny.

Le must en ce moment ? Les jeans frangés. Ils sont partout, de Marques' Almeida à MIH jeans, et ils rendent heureux les photographes de streetstyle. Un autre style ? Les 'Mom' jeans, à la Vêtements ou Redone. Le plus loose sera le mieux, et il ne faut pas hésiter à prendre deux tailles au-dessus de la sienne.

Quant à moi, j'ai parcouru tous les eshops pour décider de ceux que je voulais, et les voici : ce Vêtements est le mieux, mais son prix est exagéré (et je ne mettrais jamais cela dans un jean). J'adore ce Marques' Almeida, ou ce Levi's. Mais mon préféré est ce 3x1, trendy mais aussi élégant.

Pour le moment, je vis dans mon Levi's 501, parce qu'il apporte la bonne dose de cool à mon look qui consiste en une veste rose, des escarpins pointus et une écharpe Gucci.

Et vous, c'est quoi votre modèle de jean préféré ?

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  1. Look très printanier ! J'aime beaucoup l'association entre le jeans et le rose pale, je trouve très joli !

  2. cette cape est superbe! j'adore vraiment!

  3. You always look great in boyfriend jeans! This is something I need to explore this year.

  4. Très sympa ce look !

  5. This is a great outfit! I love the jacket and heels so much! That´s a very feminine style :-*

    Melanie /

  6. Kelly bag is gorg! I love that boyfriend denim with blazer look! :)

  7. Oh gosh, I guess I'm of the few that wear skinny jeans on a regular basis haha. I actually don't own a frayed oversized jeans T_T

  8. Those jeans look really good on you, and they fit you perfectly. I'm usually fairly boring when it comes to jeans but I'm planning on getting out of my comfort zone a little more this year.

  9. In love with those heels! Love the pinky vibe :)

  10. In love with those heels! Love the pinky vibe :)

  11. Stunning!!!

  12. Perfect look, I too love the look of boyfriend slouchy distressed jeans but I feel like I wouldn't be able to pull them off. Skinny jeans will always be my favorite I think, I am kind of bored of them but they are just so perfect and go with everything. Oh well, maybe one day I will find a different style that I like better !


  13. I love a good pair of boyfriend jeans as well, well more like obsessed!

    Great photos. Lovely and inspiring designs.

    These are so fantastic. Wonderful look!