Wednesday, April 12, 2017

A weekend in LA is all I need

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Here's a look you liked quite a lot on Instagram lately, which is funny, because it's as simple as simple can be.

I've noticed that there was no need to have sophisticated looks, all you need is basics and a piece of clothing or an accessory that will make all the difference. In this case, the 'Weekend' top was that piece you seemed to love, as I've received a lot of messages asking me where I got it.

It's from an LA brand, called Rails, that makes these super cool and relaxed clothes you only see on LA girls... Speaking of Los Angeles, Coachella is happening this weekend, and unfortunately I won't be there, but I'm not giving up on hope that I'll attend one day :)

Have a great Wednesday girls, and don't forget that the (sunny) weekend is around the corner !

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Voici un look que vous avez bien aimé sur Instagram, ce qui est assez marrant, étant donné qu'il est on ne peut plus simple.

J'ai remarqué qu'il était inutile d'avoir une tenue sophistiquée, tout ce dont on a besoin c'est de basiques, et une pièce qui sort du lot. Dans ce cas, c'est mon top 'Weekend' que vous avez adoré, et j'ai reçu plein de messages me demandant où je l'avais trouvé.

Ca vient d'une marque de Los Angeles, Rails, qui fait des fringues ultra cool et relax, qu'on voit sur les filles de LA. D'ailleurs en parlant de LA, il y a Coachella ce week-end, et malheureusement je ne pourrai pas y aller, mais je ne désespère pas qu'un jour je serai dans le désert californien au milieu des palmiers, de la grande roue et des filles ultra stylées à écouter de la musique.

Passez en tout cas un beau mercredi les filles, et n'oubliez pas que le weekend ensoleillé arrive très vite !

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  1. The sweater is so cool!

    How to mix patterns in one outfit and make it work? link.

  2. I think this outfit is amazing and nice casual, really love the color of the sweater! :)

  3. This sweater is soo cool, I love it!

  4. i love this sweater !! it's so CUTE

  5. That top is too cute and I love that those shoes are a combination of sneakers and espadrilles!

  6. Love this outfit! Top is beautiful!

  7. I have never been to Coachella either but would love to go one day! I miss LA so much! Great look :)

  8. I notice that this happens to me too on Instagram, the simpler the outfit, the more likes it gets. haha, when you put in so much thought to the other looks! Oh well, I should just remember to either shoot more of my everyday looks or ask for a quick photo or two when I am out running around.
    Love LA brands like Rails and Anine Bing for smart casual gear too, our weather is just like theirs here so it suits us.
    xx Jenelle

  9. J'adore le look, chic et casual comme d'habitude



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  12. Très joli ton sweat, moi aussi c'est mon rêve d'aller à Coachella, un jour peut être.. !
    Bisou ma belle

  13. I love this look! Perfect for a walk! Love the jeans!

  14. Such a lovely set of photos. What a fun sweater! Perfect for the long weekend
    Happy Easter!

  15. I also love this sweater. You look so extravagantly, so I can confidently say that you motivate us to have the same stylish look.