Monday, April 3, 2017

Genders codes

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I don’t consider myself a girly girl… I’m not particularly drawn to romantic movies and I don’t follow any cute Instagram accounts about pink clouds and pretty cupcakes. But lately I’ve noticed I wear more and more pink, and I even got a Hermès Constance bag, which would never have happened a couple of years ago. And, gasp, I’m even wearing a lips shirt, which I really love, but can be considered girlish…

Exploring my femininity is quite new for me, but I love playing with genders’ codes. I feel like, for a long time, women had to dress like women, and men like men. It was the case for our grandparents, and probably our parents, too. But for our generation, us women felt the need to dress like men, in order to be taken seriously, at work or in life. Pants and jeans are a woman’s wardrobe staple, more than dresses or skirts.

But these past few years, we’ve seen the abolition of these codes. Because you were born male doesn’t mean you won’t be on the cover of Vogue Paris (see the latest model Valentina Sampaio, a gorgeous transgender woman), and because you were born female, doesn’t mean you won’t be leading a country one day.

As always, the fashion world is ahead of society on that subject. There are no rules anymore in fashion, and you can mix all the codes you want. I now love feeling feminine while wearing leather and combat boots, or feeling like I can take the world, even when I’m in a cute and sexy dress, and I don’t care about so-called rules anymore.

What matters is what you are and what you do, not the clothes you wear !


Je ne me considère pas comme girly… Je n’aime pas spécialement les comédies romantiques, et je ne suis pas de compte Instagram cute où les nuages sont roses et les cupcakes sublimes. Mais récemment, j’ai remarqué (peut-être que vous aussi ?) que je portais beaucoup de rose, et j’ai même acquis récemment un Constance de Hermès rose, chose inconcevable pour moi il y a quelques années. Et, oh là là, je porte même une chemise ‘lips’, que j’adore, mais qui est girly, je vous le concède.

Explorer ma féminité est assez nouveau pour moi, mais j’adore jouer avec les codes du genre. J’ai l’impression que, à l’époque de nos grand-parents et un peu aussi nos parents, chaque genre était cantonné à ses stéréotypes. Mais lors de notre génération, nous les femmes avons ressenti le besoin de s’habiller comme des hommes, pour être prises au sérieux, au travail comme dans la vie. Les pantalons et jeans font partie intégrante de notre garde-robe, plus que les robes ou les jupes.

Mais ces dernières années, on a assisté à plus ou moins l’abolition de ces codes. Parce que vous être né homme ne signifie pas que vous ne serez pas en couverture du Vogue Paris (la dernière mannequin, Valentina Sampaio, est une transgenre sublime), et parce que vous êtes née femme, ne signifie pas que vous ne dirigerez pas un pays un jour.

Comme souvent, la mode est en avance sur ce sujet. Il n’y a plus de règles niveau style et vous pouvez mixer les codes comme vous le désirez. J’adore me sentir féminine en cuir et boots, et avoir l’impression que je peux accomplir ce que je veux en petite robe, car en fait, peu importent les règles.

Ce qui compte, c’est ce que vous êtes et ce que vous faites, pas les fringues que vous portez !


  1. Love this outfit Caro! It's ok to mix cute girly colours and toughen it up with some leather. :)

  2. The jacket is pretty amazing, I really like how the arm holes (cannot call them sleeves, right?) are done.
    I post vintage outfits on my blog link, have a peek!

  3. Such a gorgeous look! Those boots...

    xxx, Eva

  4. I am in love with your jacket! Been wanting this type for so long! ♥

  5. Your shirt is gorgeous!

  6. Wow elle est sublime cette tenue!
    Gros bisous

  7. that jacket is so pretty! LOVE this!
    have a great day!

  8. Wonderful! I love the jacket! And the shoes are amazing!

  9. J'aime beaucoup ta chemise !
    Bisou ma belle

  10. That's a cute and girly shirt alright, but you definitely combined it with an edgy touch, so it looks really nice :)

    I love that fashion is so open and flexible nowadays and one day we can dress as princesses (with studded boots under the gown, mind you) and another with your boyfriend's masculine clothes!

    Happy Tuesday, beautiful!

    Saida | She talks Glam

  11. Love the mixed styles here, the cape blazer and boots are amazing. I avoid girly styles because I'm small and have a baby face, people barely take me seriously as it is, so if I was wearing something pink and ruffly I'd just feel like a 5 year old. But I have been really into pastels lately.

  12. Lovely pictures!!!

  13. I love your top! And you definitely gave it an edgy look which is great!

  14. Perfect outfit! Love how you mixed everything together!
    And those Givenchy boots are TDF...I'm a tiny bit jealous ;-)


  15. That lip print is so cute!

  16. I am not either really, I like to have a bit of androgyny and a rock and roll edge to my looks, and I think this top has that for sure. It could be a girly print but it all depends on how you style it!
    xx Jenelle

  17. That jacket is so cool. Love the leather trim. x

    Ann-Marie |

  18. Greetings! I really love that print on her blouse, it is fashionable, and suitable for office! But nevertheless I'd choose something else instead of lips.