Luxe fifth avenue

You probably know my love for luxury items… And I’m sure you share the same interest :) I mean, without being excessive, it’s true that buying a Chanel bag or Vuitton sneakers make me happy...

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As a full time blogger, I now work from home. It means that during a week, I will probably stay home for two days, doing my mails and all the other things that may be boring but need to be done...

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Flower shirt

Who’s ready for Spring ? Me, definitely, and probably you too ! While I love winter, by the end of January, I’m usually sick of cold temperatures and coats, and I already prefer jackets over fur coats

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Paris Fashion Week

So Paris Fashion Week ended up last week, and I am so relieved ! Fashion weeks can be both exciting and exhausting, and it's always nice when it ends, as you get to relax a bit...

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Snow in Paris

I am from Annecy, so I grew up with snowy winter. But it's actually the first time I saw so much snow in Paris, and I have to say, it felt surreal and magical.

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Milan Fashion Week

Here are a few pictures I took during Milan Fashion Week. To be honest, it was a bit hard for me, because my sister was supposed to come with me...

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London Fashion Week

Hey girls :) Here are some pics I took these weekend while I spent two days in one of my fav cities for Fashion Week !

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La Réunion

What we did at La Réunion... Read more to find out what the island has to offer !

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