London Fashion Week

Hey girls :) Here are some pics I took these weekend while I spent two days in one of my fav cities for Fashion Week !

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La Réunion

What we did at La Réunion... Read more to find out what the island has to offer !

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Pink Mianqa at La Maison Rose

This Thursday, I had planned a whole day of shooting... As I was at La Réunion, I had quite a lot of things I had to photograph, so I had scheduled shootings at different locations with my assistant.

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Will you be my Valentine ?

What to ask your Valentine...

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Lux Saint Gilles at La Réunion

As promised, here are the pictures of my stay at Lux Saint Gilles, a five star hotel ideally located in La Saline les Bains in La Réunion.

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Travel Beauty

Before I share with you my photos and experience from La Réunion, here are some pics of my ultimate favorite beauty products.

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The Carousel

Hey guys ! Just a quick update from La Réunion island, where I'm staying with my fiancé. I shot these pictures one week ago in Paris, where the weather has been really bad, hence the not so pretty sky

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Life Update

Hey guys, it's been a while since I haven't written about what's going on in my life, so here it goes !

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Winter white

I love winter white : it's so chic ! I have lots of beige and whiter jumpers, I also have several coats, including this one from Storets, which I love, but I haven't invested in white shoes yet...

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