Cannes Festival

Hi loves, as promised here are some pictures I took during my time at the Festival this year.

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A weekend in Annecy

I wanted to share these photos taken two weeks ago, when I went to Annecy with my fiancé to see my Mom and brother, and to check the wedding locations. It was a perfect day by the lake...

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New sneakers

Guys, I'm in love with my new sneakers. I know it's quite different of what I'm used to, but I love how classic and chic they are, plus I'm in love with their color...

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Los Angeles part II

Hi girls <3 I hope you spent a fabulous weekend ! I was in Annecy then Lyon to visit my Mom, brother, sister, and her new cute dog.

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Spring has sprung

Hi my loves ! Here's a little Parisian blogpost, because I wanted to show you where I went yesterday, a beautiful, wonderful place ! Le Parc de Sceaux is located 30 minutes south of Paris...

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Boohoo Love

My go-to brand when I want something fashionable but not over priced has always been Boohoo. I check their new arrivals at least once a week, and let me tell you I have lots and lots of their clothes.

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It still feels surreal to write about my Coachella adventure, simply because I'd never have thought I'd be going one day. But here I am, showing you my new pictures, still not realizing...

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Dubai Part One

Dubai was a dream... Honestly it was the best vacation we've had in a while !

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My new place

Hey loves, so here's a little blogpost about my new place, and my new closet. Everything is not done yet, but we're slowly getting there :p

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