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Favorite beauty products

Hi guys ! Here are a few of my favorite beauty products. I use most of them daily, and I linked them if you want to check them out yourselves !

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My pregnancy and baby story

Brieux and I have been married since September 2019. We wanted to wait until the end of 2020 before thinking of getting pregnant. We wanted to travel and still enjoy life together. At the beginning...

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What. A. Year !

Ok guys, can you believe it ? I am writing a new blogpost ??! No ? Good, cause I can't either.

It's been what, a year maybe ? But What. A. Year.

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Big big news !

You guys, you probably have noticed that I've been gone for a long time here. If you follow my Instagram, you probably know why !

So much happened in the last months, it's crazy ! 

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Wedding pics !

Hi loves, I finally got the wedding pics ! Here are some of them, the rest will come next week ! I am so happy, they're exactly what we were looking for. The wedding was a dream to be honest...

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Westwing at home

As we decided to buy our own Parisian place, hopefully next year, I started to want to see more and more interior inspo. I asked a friend who's into this, and she showed me Delia Westwing's Insta...

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I've always loved art... And what's better than a painting to embellish your home ?

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