Big big news !

You guys, you probably have noticed that I've been gone for a long time here. If you follow my Instagram, you probably know why !

So much happened in the last months, it's crazy ! 

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5 things I’m excited about

Welcome back guys ! Today I want to talk about positive things, and optimism, especially during these hard times. So here are five things I'm super excited about...

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Crazy week

Hi loves ! It's been a crazy week so I'm just stopping by to upload a few pictures :)

Between Fashion Week, my cousin then my Mom coming to Paris, and all the work I had, I slept very little...

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Happy 2020 !

Hi everyone, and happy 2020 ! I haven't posted before, so I wish you and your loved ones all the best for this new year !

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Wedding pics !

Hi loves, I finally got the wedding pics ! Here are some of them, the rest will come next week ! I am so happy, they're exactly what we were looking for. The wedding was a dream to be honest...

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Daily life, daily art

I don't know if you've noticed, but recently I've been incorporated more and more art in my Instagram posts. I've decided I needed to be more 'me', and art, especially literature, is a big part...

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