Cannes Film Festival 2019

Hi guys ! I just came back from Cannes where I stayed a bit more than three days with my friend Barbora !
Even though we had no red carpet moments like the previous seasons, it was my favorite year...

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Paris from above

I told a photographer friend I wanted some rooftop pictures, so he told me he knew this private place, but asked if I was really motivated, as it is to be earned ! Here's why...

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Home design

Hi girls, I hope you are having a great week so far ! I am back today with a home post. In my Instagram stories, I had told you about our plans : wedding this year, and buying our first apartment ...

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Back in Milan !

I'm always happy to go back to Italy, my second favorite country after France. It's a good thing, as lately I've been going every month for the past four months !

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