Star tights

During winter time, I have a thing with tights... Well, I basically only wear jeans and leather pants, but when I am in the mood to wear a dress or a skirt, I want my tights to be fun and stylish.

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Wishlist : Winter chic

What I would love to wear right now !

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Flare Jeans

Lately, I've been kind of struggling to find a very good pair of jeans ! I mean, I already have a lot that I wear on a daily basis, but I haven't found The One just yet.

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A week in Annecy

These pictures were taken in Annecy, my hometown, as I headed to my Mom's house for the holidays... I love this city, as it's very beautiful and peaceful.

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Recap : 2017

Hi girls ! I know it's already January, so I'm late, but I wanted to make a little recap of 2017 ! Let me know what you think :)

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One and Only Le Saint Géran

There are trips that you will never forget... This time we went to Mauritius with One and Only resorts was one of them.

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LG Twinwash

Hi girls ! As you may know, I will be moving in the upcoming months, so I am starting to buy some things for my new place.

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Fur vest

Hey you guys, it's almost Christmas, which means it's officially my favorite time of the year ! But I have to say, I don't remember Paris being this cold for a long time...

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Dbramante1928 products

Hey guys ! Some of you might know that I recently became a Doctor, but I am focusing on my blog at the moment, which means I have more time to travel, which is super exciting.

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