Hi guys ! Long time no see on the blog :) I was enjoying my holidays to the fullest, and frankly, I needed it.

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Pulitzer Amsterdam

The final post about my stay in Amsterdam is here ! As I already told you, I loved this city so much, and the stay was made perfect thanks to our hotel, the Pulitzer Amsterdam.

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Two days in Amsterdam

Hi my loves ! I'm just back from Amsterdam, currently in Cannes, after two days in Annecy... Yes I'm always moving but I love it ! But to be honest, I was so sad to leave Amsterdam after one two days

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En Provence

Two weeks ago I went to Valensole with my Mom, so we could have a little mommy daughter time, as well as some well deserved weekend off in the middle of La Provence.

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Disney Love

Hi my loves ! I haven't posted on this blog for a while, and if you follow my Instagram, you'll know why ! But I'm feeling better than I did a few weeks ago, and I'm ready to post again, yeaaah :)

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Polka dots

Hey girls, here's the second photoshoot I made with my friend Barbora from fashioninmysoul, when she stayed in Paris at my place.

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Long and flowy dress

My summer staple is going to be a long and flowy dress... I love them so much !

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Hi loves, I forgot to show you the pics I took while in Ibiza a couple of weeks ago, so here we go !

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Hilton tour in Le Marais

For those who love to explore and experience a metropolis at a local level, as one of the cultural capitals of the world, Paris is for you : there is always more !

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