It’s sales time !

It's sales time ! One of my favorite times of the year. As always, I check Net à Porter for the best deals, and here are my favs :) Let me know what you like !

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One day in Italy with Mytheresa

Most of the time, my life is very 'normal' : I work, have drinks with friends, watch series with my boyfriend, I can't wait for the weekend... And once in a while, my life is a dream.

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Before the heat wave

This look was shot a couple of weeks ago, before the crazy heat wave that hit the country, and made me buy no less than three ventilators.

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The Ten Commandments of a Blogger

Every month, I will make a 'blogger advice' post, where I'll speak about my experiences. But first, let me share what the ten rules of being an influencer are !

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Beach Wishlist

The weather is so hot right now I need to plan my next vacation. Swimsuit, sunnies, hats, I need to update my beach wardrobe. Who's with me ?

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Fashion Memory

My memory is very selective : because of my long studies, I learned to remember the useful things, and not the superficial things...

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Hey my loves ! As promised, here's a contest to thank you for being here :) I want you to win a Cluse black watch, a Furla special edition bag, and a portable printer to directly print your pictures..

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Beauty with Caudalie

I often get asked what French girls use as beauty products. The truth is, we basically love everything that comes from the pharmacy, because it's usually natural and health friendly.

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Cannes Film Festival

When I was younger, I never missed a Cannes Festival red carpet moment. I used to watch the news everyday just to have a glimpse at my favorite stars, and at the time, I would never have imagined...

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