René Mouris

I love classic style. You can't go wrong with it, and you won't be embarrassed in a few years, looking back at your old photos... Trends are great, but personal style is much better in my opinion.

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November routine

Nothing I love more than black and white. Not always, not all the time, but you can't go wrong with this combo.

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I've always loved art... And what's better than a painting to embellish your home ?

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Boots Wishlist

Here is a little wishlist of my favorite boots. Love Fendi at the moment !

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Maison Astor by Hilton

I love history, not the history of books, but living history. There is nowhere in the world that provides the sense of participating in history than Paris. In Paris, one encounters history in every...

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Transition style

We had the most amazing beginning of Fall, with temperatures even a bit too high. So contrary to what you might think, these pics were shot not so long ago, maybe two or three weeks ago.

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I am so happy to have discovered Sumissura. This is basically the only website I know where you can create your own clothes. 

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My favorite maxi plaid scarves

During winter, there are very few accessories I love more than scarves, maybe hats excluded. But they keep you warm, and they are so cosy (I admit that sometimes I even put my fiancé's perfume...

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